Subtitle issues (bugs, annoyances and requests)

I don’t know what it is but it seems just messy, the subtitle features in Infuse:

  • it seems that Infuse doesn’t always picks up embedded subtitles from .mkv files.
  • sometimes searching for an episode subtitle, the list shows every (!) subtitle for that show, in all seasons and all episodes, eventhough my filename is correctly named (s05e14). Why?
  • can subtitle langues be a setting? I only search for Dutch or Englisch. But everytime I switch between the two I have to start at the top of the long list of languages I don’t need. Selecting the languages you need in the settings could eleminate this annoyance.
  • more subtitle sources please!!
  • it would also help if the filename of the episode/movie was shown in the subtitle download screen. You want to have the correct release name for the right subtitle!