Subtitle improvements for ATV4 Infuse

I do support the ideas of the need of other sources (addic7ed 1st prio) and storage of the subtitle next to the video file.

I have before also raised:

  • make the textbox where the subtitles are shown much wider so you can quickly find the relevant one you are looking for, todays scrolling is not an optimal solution.
  • Make it possible to control the Subtitle synch with an iOS or WatchOS unit, for some reason this specific feature does not work

And now I must also add to the list:

  • today it is only possible to synch +/- 10s, this is by far too little, make it limitless or at least +/- 10 minutes

Will we see any of the above crucial improvements in the up coming version(s)?

Nevertheless, it is a great app and today I have removed all traces on my NAS of my old PLEX installation.