Subtitle help

I downloaded infuse to use with my non-local Plex server. I loved the player so much, I instantly bought myself a pro license. Thank you team firecore!! It honestly is a great service!

Id love for someone to help me out with subtitles though. I’m currently trying to watch The 100. The subtitles always get out of sync, even tho the initial timing is OK. I understand that this is due to the episode playing on a different FPS to the subtitles that I let infuse download from Opensubtitle (they are stated at 24fps).

Is there any way I could figure this out so they don’t get out of sync? Somehow getting them to play at the same fps? Perhaps turning off the ‘play at original fps’ option in the apple tv settings? I’m using an apple tv 4k22 as player.

There is a feature that allows you to adjust the timing of the subs, I can’t recall the name. I think it’s called offset something. It works sometimes, but I have the same problem as you do.

Yes but that’s not the issue. Indeed, offset works if the subtitle track is simple behind or ahead. But in this case, the subtitle track is on a whole different fps then the series is. So even if the timing starts of perfectly, it gets screwed up over time. Now in normal cases I should simple find the subtitle track with the right FPS to match my video, but unfortunately for me, there is none for this serie! Hence I’m asking if there’s another solution or setting I’ve missed!?

Have you tried going to opensubtitles with a web browser and trying some of the other subs available?

Do you mean the videos or the subtitles?

opensubtitles has both rates available, it may take a bit of testing to find the right one but it’d be worth a try.

At opensubtitle. For the subs in the language I’m trying to find. What do you mean with your first remark? I only use an apple tv.

Just that, use your web browser, find a different subtitle with the correct rate and download it. Then place that with your video file so you’ll have the right subs. You don’t have to use the Infuse subtitle fetching only.

What is the frame rate of your videos?