Subtitle frame pause for AppleTV infuse 7

wondering if anyone is seeing a similar issue with subtitles on AppleTv.
I am running an appletv 21 with latest infuse pro 7, apple/TV is set to 4K dolby vision 50hz and Match content set to Range and Frame rate, and with any subtitled file (external subtitles in the folder, or embedded in the file) there seems to a frame pause before almost every subtitle appearing on the screen.
So the subtitle is about to appear and 1 frame pauses for an instant before the subtitle shows on screen. it almost looks like a frame skip or drop, but i filmed it in slow motion and noticed a pause right before each subtitle is displayed.

I have tried with background, no background, fonts and colour changes but there is no difference.

anyone with similar issues or fixes or help would be ace.

Can you show the video you made? I believe I have the same problem.

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I noticed the same thing. I’m pretty sure it started a couple of days ago for me. It started the same time as the issue with audio not playing until I rewind or fast forward on a video. The audio issue has been reported on another thread.

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You can notice it more on the second of the subs.

Should also mention that i tested MrMC on AppleTV with same settings with the same file, and the subtitle doesn’t skip, so im guessing its infuse related, not settings.

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To help us troubleshoot this further, can you replicate the issue and send in a report from your device?

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Hi James, just done.
do you need me to PM the keyword?

You can post the 5 digit code here or PM it. Most just post the code. :wink:

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james, it’s been 2 years since I indicated the problem, the jerk appears on the 1st subtitle, and on absolutely all video / audio / subtitle formats , pgs/srt / infuse 6 , infuse 7

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Hey Seth, i checked your video, is it the same pausing issue you see at your end?
On your video the subtitle appears quite smoothly, but im not sure what im looking for.

you will see a pause on the 2nd car when the subtitle appears (sorry if the English is bad)
watch in slow motion

What is it that sounds like a camera clicking at that same exact time?

watch in slow motion, at the time of the appearance of the subtitle, the car pauses

I see the pause, I was just curious as to what was causing the noise that sounds like a camera shutter clicking at that same time.

I’ve been explaining the problem for years, present on all video formats, all apple tv, all subtitle formats, srt / pgs / etc. I had explained that the problem was present only on the 1st, and following them no problem, and if we move back the video the problem has disappeared (sorry for the English)

Never mind. Not important. :wink:

I have made another video, its quite visible here with the pausing as the sub starts