Subtitle font replacement?

Hi there,


The subtitle font for Chinese is too ugly. Is that possible that I can replace my own font and where is the font name and location? Thanks in advance.



Are you using external SRT or embedded subtitles?

There are some adjustments available through the subtitles section of the Playback Menu, but unfortunately font is not currently one of them.

+1. It would be nice to have more fonts to pick from since the default ones don’t properly accommodate all the languages out there.

Depending on the subtitle language you may need to adjust the encoding type. This will allow special characters to be displayed correctly.

More details can be found here.

I am using external SRT and I know how to adjust the subtitle options. I just realize the subtitle font is using system font and now I can replace it with my own font just like my iPhone. But there’s still font display problem for Chinese.

The “Weight” setting for Chinese is not working and always using the normal one even change to Bold. For English the system font is Helvetica or HelveticaNeue and it combines various font style (normal, bold, Italy…) into one font package as TTC font. But for Chinese there are two fonts for normal and bold, STHeiti-Light.ttc and STHeiti-Medium.ttc.

STHeiti-Light.ttc for normal display and STHeiti-Medium.ttc. for bold display. But the subtitle always display normal typeface even I change setting to bold. I can see the English characters change to blod when this Chinese subtitle including English characters but Chinese characters still maintain in normal font.

Please confirm this issue and fix it in future released.

I also suggest add more font size option. Normal is too small, Medium is a little big and Large is way too large for current released.

One more thing about subtitle. if the subtitle including 3 lines then it will be re-formatted to 2 line such as:


00:06:55,357 --> 00:06:57,625
He might,
Even by accident,
he could see something

Will display as:

He might,
Even by accident, he could see something