Subtitle download

When i download a film to my ipad from my nas the matching subtitle isn’t downloaded with it.
This is subtitles that does’nt exist for download online so it’s kind of annoying.
Is there a way to workaround this and is there any plans to fix it?
Or maybe I’m just doing something wrong.

Can you check to ensure the ‘Download Subtitles’ option is enabled in Settings > General?

With this enabled, Infuse will automatically download the top rated subtitle from OpenSubtitles for any synced videos.

Unfortunately, if matching subtitles are not available on OpenSubtitles then Infuse won’t be able to download subtitles for that particular video.

Subtitle download from opensubtitle works great.
My Issue is that i have coresponding subtitles to the movie on the nas. (
This for movies that doesnt exist on opensubtitle.
I would like to download theese along with the movie.

Got it.

In this case, Infuse will download the matching subtitles when videos are downloaded via the Infuse app. You’ll just want to ensure the subtitle has the same name as the video file.



Also, one thing to keep in mind is this will not work with UPnP or DLNA sources, as Infuse won’t have access to these subtitles when connecting via these methods.