Subtitle doesn't work


All is working fine except subtitle. I’m not able to read video with subtitle. All seems to be good, the video is correctly read alone, the srt file’s name is exactly the same that my video file. But, with video+srt, i have a finder crash with finder reboot.

I’ve made no other modification on my apple tv (except install of atv flash).

Can i’ve help please ?

happy new year :slight_smile:

i’ve found something.

If i use “mixte player” in nitoTV, i can’t read subtitle, only if i’m on “mplayer”. But, if i use mplayer, i can read srt into nitotv but not in shappire…

An idea about my problem ?


I’m experiencing the exact type of issue as you are describing above. However I did update Perian after I had installed atvflash 4.03. I’m not certain, but I started to have crash issues when trying to play movies with .srt subtitles after I updated Perian into the latest version. Have you done the same?

It would be great to sort this out

Have a great day