subtitle delay


I’m on trial subscription for infuse ATV 4

I tried to stream my movies collection from my NAS, and download the subtitle directly from infuse (, but everytime I play movies, the subtitle got delay.

I know there’s option to set the offset timer for subtitle, but it’s not a fun thing to do to adjust every movies I streamed and I never got the correct offset time to match the movies

Subtitle is important for me.

Any solution before I cancel the subscription ?


Is this affecting all movies or just a few.

There are 2 possible causes for this.

  1. The subtitles are for a different version of the movie (DVD, Blu-ray, Director’s Cut, etc…) than the video you are playing.
  2. The subtitles have a different frames-per-second (FPS) spec than the video you are watching. The two most common are 24 and 25, so you may try one of each to see if this makes a difference.
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I also have a problem with that.
The option to set the time offset for loades subtitles does not work.
I can see it i the subtiles menu after i loaded subtitles for the movie
but I cant change then value. Nothing happenes when I click the
time offset option.

Is there a fix?

Are you using the Siri touchpad remote, or something else?

Hi James,

I tested it, it works with and only with the Siri-Remote, but not with the old remote
which I programmed to an universal Remote. It seems this the only
Menu-option which requires the Siri Remote.

Thanks for the feedback. The universal remote issue is something we’re aware of and are looking into.

Is there any new information on this issue?

Are you saying that the Siri touch pad remote doesn’t work for you?

I use a universal remote. The Siri remote will work, but I keep it in a drawer. :slight_smile: My URC MX-890 remote runs my entire theater system, so I’d like it to work for adjusting subtitle timing.

Since it’s not an infuse issue I’d guess your best bet is to see if anyone has a universal remote that will handle the touch pad emulation of the Siri remote. I haven’t seen one yet but I’m not actively looking since I use the Siri remote.

Have you contacted the manufacturer of your remote and asked if they have any updates that will emulate the Siri touch pad?

I believe it is an Infuse issue. The universal remote emulates all functions on the ATV in other apps – as well as everywhere else within Infuse. The time delay for subtitles in Infuse is the only exception.

The Siri remote is a Bluetooth device. However, the ATV does have an IR receiver that allows use with universal remotes. The ATV learns the codes furnished by the UR, the opposite of the way you would normally do it. Apple includes this function for home theater installers so that a single UR will control an entire system.

This is on our radar to look into. :wink:

This confused me as well!

I’m using a Logitech Harmony remote and subtitle offset can’t be changed.

For now I’m using the Apple TV iPhone app (“Remote”) to change the offset.

I hope you will fix this! :slight_smile:

I also found a problem. I’ve got an old Pink Panther Movie. found 1 Danish subtitle through infuse, but the text itself is faster than the movie. Can one delay it a bit ??