Subtitle color with ISO files in 5.2 and more subtitle related stuff

Tested to play some ISO files in the new 5.2 version yesterday. They all seemed to play fine! However, the subtitle color does not seem right. All colors that I choose is rendered very dark from what you would expect. For example if I choose White (which I normally do) the subtitle in the DVD is (dark)gray instead of white. It doesn’t look good and is very hard to read.

Also, why is it not possible to adjust the subtitle position down on the screen in the iOS version? Seems you can only move it up. The default/normal position on an iPad is already to high in my opinion. When tested (MKV with 5.1) on an iPhone it was better positioned. Also the subtitle size needs more options. Even the smallest subtitle size is sometimes to large on the iPad, at least that is my opinion. It would be much better if you could set the position and size to whatever you like (through a custom setting) instead of just providing a few options.

Sorry about that.

We have a number of subtitle related improvements in progress for the upcoming 5.4 update. :slight_smile: