Subtitle bug

Hi Infuse team,

Infuse on my ipad is working almost perfect as my main mediacenter. I use it with my WD My Cloud nas server. I stream the movies to my AppleTV to view movies on the big screen.

I have to use listview - otherwise the metadata and coverart screws up and stalls on loading these. But it is okay to use list view... It would be nice if the movie didn't start playing instantly when touched, but showed the movie details like on cover view. In list view you cant see all the info text on the movie and there is no way to see it all... As far as I know. 

Another thing is the subtitles when streaming to the Apple TV. They come and go all the time when watching a movie. It seems to be connected to a little vertical line that shows up at the bottom of the screen every couple of minutes. 

Other than that the app is great... And without a doubt the best on out there.

Hope my english is understandable since it is not my main language.

All the best