Subtitle brightness settings (SDR/HDR)


It would be awesome if we could adjust the brightness for subtitles - especially for HDR content where the subtitles can be quite bright when viewed in dark room.

Preferrably I would want to use the “gray” subtitle color for HDR/DV videos and “light gray” for SDR, but that might not be doable. (“Gray” in SDR makes them far too dark, while “light gray” is too bright for darker movies in HDR/Dolby Vision in a dark room. “White” makes them brighter than the sun!)

Alternatively, just a brightness slider with 5% or 10% increments so I could manually tweak down the brightness to like 75-80% brightness would be amazing.

Anyway, I’m not sure if any of this is doable, but it would be amazing if you could look into this. Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Since it is not possible to change the color or format of PGS subtitles it would be incredible helpful if one could change the brightness of them, being able to dim them. So if the subtitles are white or too bright they look more like gray. Bright subtitles look very bad and distracting in dark scenes.

There is also another problem with subs, in general.

When watching SDR content with normal levels of brightness, gray subtitles, for example, look dim as they should, however using the same subtitle setting in HDR returns way brighter subtitles. There should be a way to change the opacity of both subtitles independently, so both SDR and HDR have different settings.


I moved your post to a currently running suggestion requesting this feature.

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Definitely agree with BigDak’s suggestion here. Having an SDR and an HDR brightness would be incredibly helpful as “white” or “light gray” looks great in SDR, but become BLINDINGLY BRIGHT in HDR. Meanwhile, using a darker color (like “gray”) becomes way too dim in SDR.

Being able to set, for example “light gray” as the SDR color and “gray” as the HDR color would be very, very useful.

True that subs get bright in HDR. Especially SRTs in my case. More adjustment options would be helpful.

I’ve went for subtitles in “Light Gray” with the opacity set to “Transparency” and it delivers the best experience according to my taste, in both SDR and HDR (It might take some time to some people to get use to them but I find them easy to read 99% of the time).

However there are still cases where PGS subtitles are the only option and they too bright for my taste. I know they aren’t personalizable like text based ones, but an option to darken would be nice.