Subtitle border/shadow/size - not legible

When comparing subtitle legibility to the other apps on Apple TV (or, god forbid, to kodi - or it’s step brother MrMc) the subtitles are almost unreadable on infuse.

There are tons of customization options on infuse, but it seems that some of them have problems:

  1. Border : the border should “wrap around” the text, and it looks as the letters get thinner instead of “growing”. same goes for “both” setting (shadow and border). Even on bold, the letters get too thin.

  2. Size: Is it possible to add another size option between Medium and Large ? large is too big IMO… not asking for font sizes since it’s tedious… but just a little more granularity.

  3. It would be great if we could play with the settings without automatically pausing the movie. Font/size etc, but especially with the subtitle/audio offset.

Overall, it’s a great app, and has a guaranteed spot on my top shelf! how about some customization there too… or am I asking for too much ? :slight_smile:

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Subtitle frame and shadow are very thin. I can not read on the bright white image. For this reason I sometimes watch full screen movies from MrMC, Plex or TV





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We adjusted the defaults used by Infuse a few versions back, which seems to help with this.

If possible, can you try adjusting the ‘weight’ setting in Infuse? This can be found in the Subtitles section when swiping down during playback.

Thanks James.

I’ve tried all the options. No difference

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Are you saying that the adjustments don’t have any affect on your subtitles or they change but not enough to fit your needs?

Of course the weight is changing but the readability is the same.
Please see the photos I shared in the message. Weight is above the default settings.

Wasn’t trying to be snippy, I just wanted to make sure you hadn’t uncovered a new bug.

I didn’t know you were trying to do your job. I’m sorry

I still don’t like Infuse’s subtitle fonts. Apple TV’s native helvetica font, the shadow and frame of the fonts are the most successful.