Subtitle auto-selection inconsistent for TV show episodes


I’m running Infuse 7.7.2 (4781) on an Apple TV 4K A1842 on tvOS 17.4. Infuse is pulling from a Plex library.

In Infuse, I have subtitles set to ‘Forced Only’. This seems to work exactly as expected for movies.

I have noticed that for TV Shows where some episodes have Forced subs and others do not, Infuse will auto-select standard non-Forced subs for episodes without Forced. If I were to then disable the standard subs in the playback menu, Infuse will remember this decision for the next episode and not show any subs, even if that episode has Forced subs. What this leads to is a per-episode process where I have to either disable regular subs or enable Forced subs. Plex does not seem to have this issue.

I tested this on Better Call Saul Season 3, episodes 4-8. They are alternating episodes with and without Forced subs. Ep4 begins with forced subs, auto-selected. Ep5, without forced, then shows regular subs. I disable these regular subs. Ep6, with forced, then starts without forced enabled. I enable them. Ep7, without forced, then shows with regular subs. Etc, etc.

I have tested the direct relationship between me disabling standard subs in one episode causing the next episode to also disable forced, and the reverse as well.

I have checked the flags on the embedded subs. Forced subs are marked as ‘forced’ and ‘default’. Standard subs have no such flags.

I think this is an issue with Infuse trying to play ‘something’ when other episodes have used forced subtitles. I don’t think there’s a problem with the logic of remembering generic subtitle decisions across a show - that makes sense to me. It’s that Infuse is selecting standard subs when previous episodes have shown forced subs that doesn’t seem right to me. Plex does not show the same behaviour of selecting standard subs in place of forced ones.

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