Subtitile position on Chromecast

Hello guys,

I was wondering whether there is anyway to adjust subtitle position while casting a movie onto Chromecast from an Iphone Pro Max? When I cast it into Chromecast the subtitles are in the way of the movie, they appear very high up and there doesn’t seem to be any way to adjust it.

srt subs
Infuse Pro 6.5.3(3328)

Any help would be appreciated,


Were these downloaded from within Infuse or externally and added?

Also, have you tried adjusting the vertical alignment in Infuse from the pull down menu while playing?

Downloaded from within infuse.

Subtitle vertical alignment casting onto chromecast?

Why is it only possible to adjust subs to -2 when we can adjust to +7? Sometimes -2 isnt enough to lower the subs so they are not in the way of the picture.

Adjusting subtitle position while Casting is not supported at this time. Sorry.

If you’re using SRT subtitles (or those downloaded from within Infuse) you should be able to have the subtitles displayed in the black bar area.