subtiltles not showing on AppleTV 3



I am trying to stream a mkv movie plus srt subtitle file stored in Plex on my iMac (OSX 10.9.4) via Infuse on my iPad Air (iOS 7.1.2) to my AppleTV 3 (software version 6.2). When playing on the iPad Air both movie and subtiltles are shown, however when playing on my TV via the AppleTV only the movie is shown, i.e. no subtitles.

Because of the websitie stating "Stream a wide variety of video formats to the big screen, with surround sound and subtitles, via AirPlay.", I had expected to be able to stream both movie and subtitles. Was I wrong in assuming this, or am I doing something wrong? Can I please get some help.

Wil Dieteren



Problem solved by changing the subtiltle setting from auto to Dutch (in my case), as found on the second page of the "Subtitles with airplay" discussion. Is anyone from FireCore looking into this, i.e. why the changed behaviour in iOS 7.1?


Wil Dieteren

I have the same problem