Subscription Question


I downloaded Infuse Pro to my Apple TV and signed up for the Yearly subscription so I could have the 30 day free trial. Needless to say I have been more than happy with the product and would like to support the team with a Lifetime Subscription. However, when I try to select the Lifetime option it won’t allow it. Is it because I’m still in the trial phase? Do I need to cancel the trial and then try again? or do I need to actually pay the yearly first and then a lifetime?


Hmm, what happens when you try to select the Lifetime option? Can you try restarting your device to see if that helps?

You definitely won’t need both a subscription and a lifetime, and Infuse will prompt you to cancel your subscription (if you have one) after a lifetime option is selected.

Solved! Not sure why but I wasn’t able to upgrade via the Apple TV however I was able to upgrade via the iPad app. Thanks for the response and keep up the great work Infuse team.

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