Subscription change does not work

I started with the monthly subscription to test if my videos will be played correctly, then i canceled this subscription and chose a yearly subscription.

But the App keeps telling me that i have the monthly subscription now!

I even uninstalled, canceled again and reinstalled, but i simply does not work.

It is even worse in the settings:

Here, it shows both to be in effect.

What can i do?

I want the yearly subscription!

I agree this is confusing, but it appears to be correct.

Your monthly trial (1 free week) runs through Feb 6th, and this is what the App Store shows is active. Once this trial ends, you should switch over to the yearly subscription. Once the year subscription becomes active, the status should be updated within Infuse.

The same would be true if you had a yearly subscription and moved to monthly. The App Store would show your yearly subscription as active until it ends, at which point monthly would then become active.

Ah, many thanks!

So i just cancel the subscription, then wait for it to expire and finally select the yearly subcription.

You can cancel it, but the App Store is still going to show your active subscription as the free trial until it ends.

It’s kind of nice since you will always be able to use what you ‘paid’ for, regardless if you cancel early or not.

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