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I am using the paid Infuse 5 Pro app on iOS and tvOS devices. I decided to use the paid Pro Version, because of the apple family sharing option.
My kids and my wife are using the app as well, for free because of the apple familysharing mechanism.
Everybody has it’s own account for traking which content was already watched.

The infuse subscription and family sharing option requires to use the same account on all devices, that would mean, my wife and kids have to use the same account as myself. But we want to keep the trakt information seperate.

I would really appreciate to buy the lifetime subscription, but the way how the shareing is done til veriosn 5, is not acceptable for us.

Is this still the same in V6?


I believe this post addresses your questions Help deciding between Pro 6 or subscription - #2 by james

OK, than nothing has changed. And thats really bad news.
To realise the family sharing over one trakt account is not a good solution for families.
I don’t want my family members to mark movies or shows as watched, that I haven’t seen and visa versa.

So I’m forced to use and buy the “pro” Apps, to have family sharing and a trakt account for everyone, how it should be.
But this is a quiet expensive solution compared to the lifetime subscription offer.

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Stating the obvious but can’t any of you remember what you have watched without needing to be told?

If you ask me to list all the movies watched in 2018? No I can’t. Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about these movies or their content, but on the top of my head I couldn’t reliably list all of them.

I also think it isn’t a great implementation.

I understand that Apple doesn’t allow family sharing of in-app purchases and that another way has to be found, but the current one isn’t really usable for me.

I think a quick fix would be to have Infuse allow users to log into a trakt account purely for the purpose of family sharing validation, and to completely ignore the watch history of that account.

What you can do is disable the scrobbler option in Settings, as this would prevent Infuse from sending watched info from that device to Trakt.

Thanks James. However am I right that it won’t ignore the watch history.

For exemple if I watched a particular movie 2 years ago and it is in my trakt history. If my brother now uses my trakt account with scrobble disabled to enable family sharing and adds the same movie to Infuse, his Infuse will flag that movie as watched and he has no way to change that? (I do I get this wrong?)

Yes, unfortunately your watched history would sync to his device, but with the scrobbler disabled his watched history would not sync to yours.

With the growing popularity of subscriptions, we’re hopeful Apple allows for native Family Sharing soon…maybe in iOS 13?

Thanks for confirming.

Yes, hoping Apple will allow for Family Sharing with subscriptions as this would be the cleanest way of doing it! But in the meantime would you maybe consider a way to use trakt login purely to enable family sharing? (i.e. have infuse let users log into trakt purely for licence validation and then ignore all the trakt-related functionalities)

If you rely on as family sharing validation, why not implementing two accounts?
One for the family sharing, and one for the scrobbling?

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