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Yesterday and again today when I started infuse, the renewal screen appeared causing me to hit the restore option. This happened on both Apple tv’s. Is this an infuse issue or an appletv issue. It’s an annoying issue since my yearly subscription is not anywhere near due.

There was an outage on the App Store yesterday that may be related. Did you try restarting your device?


Like @munpip214 said, the app store had an outage of their subscription verification system. Mine took a vacation too and after a restart on the ATV I clicked on the Upgrade to Pro, got the restore button and clicked it and all came back.

It may take a little time to get it available everywhere again so don’t give up. :+1:

Thanks for the replies, today is back to normal.


I had to restore today too :slight_smile:

Same, both Apple TVs. Didn’t check my tablet yet.

I still seem to have, what looks like to be this issue or very similar to it. Note I recently updated to TVos 16.3.1 and I have Infuse 7.4.10 . My subscription is renewed in May, which I confirmed from the email from Apple.
When I attempt to play a movie I get the renewal screen.
As suggested i have restarted my device but with no change. I do not know what the RESTORE button actually does but I get the message In-app purchases not allowed when I used it, again with no change

@james shouldn’t being signed in to trakt on multiple devices prevent this from ever happening, even in beta?

This might be an Apple issue.

My YouTube app has erased my login details twice in the past two days, forcing me to log-in on my phone … which it never has done before.

Yes, and no.

The Pro status would sync to Trakt…but if the Pro status drops off (due to the Apple outage) then that would also sync to Trakt.

It seems a segment of users got hit by this, but now that things are back to normal hitting the Restore button should get everything fixed up.

There was an issue for me, with the restore option not available. I would be interested in what else I should have done. I ended up having to delete Infuse and completely install and rebuild which was annoying given the original problem was minor

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