Subscene subtitles


Is there any chance to have subscene subtitle instead of one source?




Subscene has talked about creating an API for apps like Infuse to utilize, but unfortunately it has not yet come to be. :frowning:

Any change in subscene situation ? Thanks.

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hope fo subscene as a choice for subs

okey hope we will have it soon

Any updates about the API ?
It’s been almost 3 years and i can see some API’s available in GitHub.

Really hope to see it in the next update plans

Is there any updates on this? Subscene has ALOT more subtitles for my language.

Any Updates? The majority uses subscene as their go-to subtitles provider we really hope you can add them to infuse

No update at all I requested so many times nothing happen is the best and most updated site for series in any language please add support