Subs and PIP

I am really enjoying the new app and PIP is awesome.

I’ve noticed that subtitles don’t seem to be displaying in PIP. Bug, perhaps?

Sorry to bother you, but how do you activate PIP? I’m unable to find a way. I thought there would be an icon in the bottom right of the player, but there’s only the AirPlay icon there. Even hitting the home button doesn’t work and Infuse simply shuts down when I do.

Can you please help me?

Are you using an iPad and Infuse 5?

If so, the PIP icon appears next to the Airplay icon when playing a video.

on my iPad Pro there IS an icon there for PIP. Do not have an iPhone to hand to check out how it is handled there. Note that the icon only appears if you have hardware that supports the PIP feature - older hardware does not.

It seems to appear only on some video types and/or video ratios.
For example, can’t PIP any of the episodes from all the eight seasons of House MD and Supernatural episodes support PIP only starting with season 8.

The PIP feature only works on iPad Pro with Infuse 5, we all know that. It’s just that the icon does not show on every video file: I’m afraid video files using an old codec can’t work with PIP.
I’ve just paid € 13 to upgrade a software I paid € 10 a few months ago exclusively to get a feature that doesn’t work most of the time, unless I’m watching more recent videos :confused:
Not funny at all…

Same here. Upgraded from infuse 4 pro to infuse 5 pro because of PIP.
But so far I haven’t found any vid in my collection that works with it :frowning:
Am a bit disappointed;-(

To be fair, Firecore should have made it clear in their “features” section that PIP only works for selected hardware (in this case, iPad Pro). This would allow for people considering to upgrade to make an informed choice.

At the same time, it would be best for anyone unsure of whether to upgrade to sign up for the one-month free trial, as I believe you are able to cancel the subscription should you find the new version not worthy enough at this point in time (Infuse 4 Pro is still a very good video player!)

While I bought Infuse 5 Pro without hesitation because it’s one of the most-used app on my iPhone (and it’s the best at what it does!), and I’m more than happy to support the guys at Firecore in their continual efforts in making great software, I was hoping for a bit more “detail” on the differences between this and the previous version. Had to actually do a bit of scrolling and reading to find out more, but still wasn’t 100% happy on the pitch.

Finally, for those who’ve bought Infuse 5 Pro and not happy with the inability to use certain features, you can request for a refund through the App Store.

Wrong. It also works on iPad Air 2.

I’ve been enjoying PIP on my iPad Mini 4, as well. The only files that haven’t supported it so far are older .avi encodes. All my .mp4, .mkv, .m2ts files are working. It’s pretty great. Subtitles in PIP would be nice though, even if (admittedly) they’d be hard to read!

Oh, really? I thought it only worked on the A9x chip. Good to know :wink:

Al most all my videos don’t support PIP on my IPad Pro, including all episodes from The Flash - Season 2 (only the final episode works in PIP mode) and all seasons from Once Upon a Time series, which can’t definitely use a codec too old.
I don’t know what’s the reason behind PIP not working on those files, but I’ll be glad if it’s something that can be fixed by Infuse team and not something depending on codec settings, which would require recoding all my videos X/

I still don’t think I’m going to ask for a refund, though I’m a bit pissed off by this PIP issue, because I use Infuse a lot and I think it’s fair to pay for software that gets used many times in a week.

Thanks again for your time and hope these issues will be fixed soon.

PM me and maybe I can take a look at one or two of the episodes that are giving you issues – I’ve been encoding stuff in many different formats for multiple devices for years. Maybe I’ll spot something.

same as you, the PIP works only on few formats like native MP4… The basic AVI that you can found on the web don’t accepts PIP :frowning:

Please fixe that !

pip works on iPad mini 4 , but any chance you will get h265 work as well? by the way feature missing in this v5, can’t see the sign to lock my screen when I rotate it , is it normal ?

thank you

Guess I’ll be sticking with 4 since pip won’t work on my Mini 4. PIP works great with Plex, don’t see why it won’t work with infuse.

Quoting from another forum: “Unfortunately PIP appears to be currently restricted to only Apple stock video formats judging by the Infuse support thread”
The post is from November 2015. Seems like Firecore has known about this limitation since Infuse 3. That’s news for me, still nothing about this crap appears in Infuse 5 description.
Is it considered some sort of common knowledge about PiP on Apple devices? :confused:

Maybe Infuse should works on “direct video converter”. That will help both, PIP and video streaming on AppleTV for exemple. Native videos works much better with the possibiliy to use the remove of the apple tv to control the video. (that work only for recoginsed apple format (MP4, MKV…)

Infuse will expand the type of containers that are supported (MKV, MTS, AVI, etc…) but since PIP is an Apple designed feature, it will only support h.264 based videos at this time.

Thanks, and does a “File converter” option can be added in a future version? Converts old file with new standard to make them work on AppleTV (means no on streaming but with a nice buffer, remote compatble…) and PIP ?