Subfolders cannot be used as favorite

My filestructure on the Nas is as follows"


—> Folder 1

—> Folder 2


—> Folder n


I can make ‘Sharename’ into a favorite and then select this, go to any sub(sub)folder and play.


I van make 'Folder x" into a favorite but when I go there I get an error message “… could not open dir(null). Unknown error 8215 (8215)”. Apparently it is not possible to set subfolders as afavorite.


Can this be solved?

Or (if not an error) be put on the wish list?


I can set sub-folders as favorites without any issues.    I am using SMB shares in case that matters.

Same here…

I can add the SMB drive xyz/folder to my favorites but xyz/folder/movies " does not exist"


Problem was fixed with the latest update.