Subfolder cover art not rendering

All the folder art loads no problem on my ATV2 instantiation of Infuse. But it’s not working at all on the new ATV with v5.5.4 no matter what I try… and “Use local metadata” (under the long press on a folder) makes it happen for ALL the content in the folder and, ironically, not the folder image itself.

Strikes me quite strange and I can’t figure out why it might be that it works on the old version but not the new one… to be clear, I have both ATVs hitting the same core drive with all the files/art.

Anyone find a solution to this?

How are your images named?

Things are a bit different in the newer versions of Infuse, and a bit more info can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

I think that I might have made a mistake… do you actually name the file “FOLDER.JPG”? That’s not a substitute for the actual name of the folder itself? If that’s right, and I have 2 ATVs (old and new) hitting the same data, then I’d need 2 files in each folder, one named as above and the other with the original name of the folder itself as it worked on ATV2. Is that right?

Correct, the actual filename would be ‘folder.jpg’.

Infuse on the ATV2 might pick this up as well, so it could be worth a try.

That worked! Silly me… all this time I was misinterpreting and using the older approach. All good now. Thanks!

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