Sub-menu skipping with 3.6.4

Just updated to 3.6.4. When I navigate to a sub-menu (in order to install USB support) the menu skips to the last item. It will not let you pick any intermediate option. The primary menu works fine. I tried reinstalling ~4 times. No luck.

Is this in all menus or just the ones aTVFlash installs?

It was sub menus associated with the ATV plugins. i.e. Maintainance menu to load USB drivers.

I just figured it out. I had done a restore without re-updating the Apple OS to 2.4. I redid the update and reflashd 3.6.4. Seems to be working Ok. The bootup seems to take a lot longer with 3.6.4. ~3min.

I seem to be having similar issues, but posted my problem under the Installation forums. Unfortunately, I have the latest version of the Apple OS, and it does not seem to be solving my problem. But I am biting the bullet, and doing a complete Restore & upgrade. Then will re-install ATVF. Hope that works.

And that did the trick.