SUB/IDX subtitles loaded but not showing

Hi, this is happening to me before the last update.

The subtitle is loaded in the subtitles list but they never show, I always end up searching in OpenSubtitles.

I use MKV files with SUB and IDX files with the same name in the same folder.


IDX files aren’t currently supported, but we’re looking into ways we can support them in a future update.

Is there any update to this?
My 3D mp4’s cannot use .srt subtitles - I have to use sub & idx files which don’t work with the current version of Infuse on the Apple TV 4
Would like to be able to use Infuse for all my movies

I’m also interested in the support for idx subtitles. Any info on the progress?

If I embed the SUB/IDX in the MKV they work fine, so the hability to render it’s working, at least as a workaround.