.sub/idx files


Should the media player support these?

I have several movies with .srt subtitles which work fine. Have just tried one with .sub/.idx and although in the menu the .sub is selected, they do not show when the movie is playing.

Any help appreciated


Currently MP supports MicroDVD .sub files, but other .sub formats are planned for an upcoming version.

These include:

  • VobSub
  • MPSub
  • SubViewer

I have 1.3 of aTVFlash installed (really great program by the way). idx/sub subtitles still seem not to work. These are the VobSub subtitles you mentioned, I think. Are they supposed to work now?

This is unrelated but what about a small info option to indicate the state of memory with the ATV2? It needed be a number but could be an indicator suggesting a restart or all is ok. It’s hard to know when one is running short of memory except within XBMC and it’s System Info.



i have just installed the new 1.6 and sub/idx aint working is there some kind a way to get them to work 

You can merge them o one MKV se this topic


Thanks for the info, the tool worked great.

I merged a MP4 + idx and created a MKV. However, the subtitle will not display properly under Firecore’s MP, it’s not centered (off to the right) and characters are quite large. This problem does not happen under VLC (on PC) and XBMC (ATV2).

Have you heard this problem before? I’m using MP 2.1

hmm, still not working. Seems it will never be supported.

I just was annoyed that my subtitles are not working, so i need to use Airplay and vlc via my mac to watch it (without searching other subtitles, which mostly wont work with non english movies)