Sub folders not being scanned now

I have noticed recently (within the last month or 2) that the sub folders of my library are not being scanned and therefor not available in the library unless you go to the individual folder manually. This is a recent change because i have been using Infuse for over 10 years and also the reason i never used Plex or any other application because infuse was the only one to actually scan all folders and all nested/sub folders. Am I the only one who has noticed this? Thank you


What version number of Infuse and on what device and device OS are you seeing this?

Are these movies or TV shows that you’re seeing this with?

Movies and TV shows across iPad and computer Version 7.5.1 (7.5.4394) (haven’t checked iPhone) All are most recent updates.

Stuart Bertoluzzi  “史博”

me too

I am 7.5.2 and appletv 4k, as long as it does not enter the directory, it will not recognize the files in the subdirectory.