Sub folder view

Hi guys,

Long time pro user and pro 7 user here. First of all, amazing product, love it.
Only two features I have been missing all along:

  1. Proper support for view of different edits/cuts/versions of each movie.
  2. Support for view of extras under each movie (deleted scenes, docu’s, behind the scenes, etc)

A simple sub-folder display feature under each movie would be great. For example:

Files in sub-folders under the movie could be listed below the main movie details inside the movie view page. Ideally separated by folder name.

Welcome to the forum!

For your first suggestion there is a currently running suggestion thread here you can add your support to.

Also for the second there is a currently running thread here.

Don’t forget that you need to click the like button on the first post in those threads to show your support for those suggestions! :wink:

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