Stutters with 25fps files


I’ve noticed that I have stutters for 25fps files, like if the framerate of the Apple TV was not matching it.
It’s exactly the same effect as playing 24fps files which are played at 23.976fps (as 24fps is not supported by Apple TV yet).

My Apple TV 4K is set at 4k SDR 50Hz with auto-framerate on. I get the same issue if I disable auto-framerate.
If I set the resolution at 4k SDR 60Hz, it switches to 50Hz and I still have the same issue.

I have no problem playing 25fps files with Netflix from the Apple TV, it’s perfectly smooth.

So it really looks like an issue with Infuse ?
Any seen this before ?

Thank you !

PS: my TV is a Sony KD-65S9005B.

If you have a chance to upload a sample file you are having trouble with, we’d love to look further into this.

Hi, I’ve noticed this as well with 25fps content. How long a sample is required?

I also experience this. But it went away when i switched from wifi to ethernet, i think it went away, will test more.

Only happened with High bitrate 4k files. If i set the atv4k to 1080p its smooth.

I see this issue with Ethernet as well as WiFi. All my videos are full Blu-ray rips so also very high nitrate. The same videos appear to play normally using Infuse on iOS for what it’s worth.

After more testing it seems you are correct.
I also get the occasional lag with 24p though. As you High bitrate 4k bluray rips. Will make a thread

To clarify. I’m seeing this with 1080p Blu-ray rips

Hi, did you manage to send a sample ?

Were you able to send a sample as James requested?

I thought your problem had gone away since you didn’t respond in 4 months.

Nope, still there but as I rarely watch 25fps content…

Were you able to send in a sample? That would help determine where the problem is.

Hi @james - I’ve now noticed this on some 25FPS content I had encoded.

Interestingly it is smooth as butter on my ATV 4K 1st Gen, but stutters like crazy on my ATV HD. Both have match content on.

Any ideas please?

I have uploaded a file to the Dropbox link…

Just to add to this;

If I set the ATV HD video settings to 1080p 50hz it plays fine with 25FPS content.

If I set the ATV HD video settings to 1080p 60hz it stutters with 25FPS content.

Is this normal behaviour or should it be fine on either settings?

Do you have the Match Content options enabled on Apple TV?

Yes I did,