Stuttering when streaming to Apple TV 4

First of all, hello. This is my first post and unfortunately I’ve got a problem streaming content.

I have media stored on a Seagate USB HDD plugged in to the latest AirPort Extreme, streaming to my ATV 4 which is connected via Ethernet. The content is H.256 1080p. For some reason when I try to stream the files, I always end up with stuttering and eventually stopping.

If I use Infuse on my iPhone 6s, I have no issues at all. Even if I AirPlay mirror the content, there is still no stuttering, just a lack of quality.

Hopefully somebody can help me, Infuse comes highly recommended from a friend who doesn’t seem to have an issue.

Thank you.

I’m going to assume you mean h.265 not h.256.

Well, full HD h.265 content is hard to play to begin with because it is not hardware decoded on Apple devices. That being said, the A9 in the iPhone 6s is going to have a lot easier time playing h.265 than the A8 in the Apple TV. I’m sure infuse team is working on improving it though.

I did mean h.265, my apologies. I’ve since found another thread regarding the same topic and noticed it’s not just me having the issue. Hopefully it can be fixed, it’s a great app.