Stuttering videos with media player


I have built an Ethernet network as follows: a MacBook Pro is connected to a TimeCapsule (3rd gen), which I use as Ethernet hub. This hub is connected to a switch, where I connect a jailbroken ATV2 with ATVflash and my Panasonic flatscreen TV.The videos I’m watching are on the Mac’s internal harddrive.

All is connected with fast cables, there is no WiFi-gap inbetween. But alghough - all videos I’m playing with media player are stuttering, no matter which format they’re in. Either MKV, MP4, vob, all the same. It’s not a coding problem - when I play the videos on the Mac with software like vlc or MPlayerX, they run soft and smoothly. So there must be something wrong with either the network or media player. XBMC didn’t solve this problem either, it’s even worse. 

So - what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions or someone with similar problems?


Thanks for any tipp



Update: read a tipp here in the forum to go on WiFi instead of Ethernet. Didn’t help, even worsened the problem.

MacBook Pro with OSX 10.6.8

ATV2 with iOS 5.2