Stuttering video


I’m having a slight issue with ATV playing .MKV video files. I have a 720p X264 .MKV file on my memory stick and the sound seems to be fine but the picture is constantly stuttering (so much that people aren’t moving, they are doing the robot extremely slowly and it seems to be missing frames). I’ve tested the file on my PC’s (Windows) and they work fine and it’s just ATV that’s having the issue, while using NITO and XBMC.

Any ideas on how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance,


Do you know the specs for the video file? It may be beyond what the current AppleTV hardware can handle.

Ah right, what’s the best software for windows to render.mkv files? Also what are the best settings to use for ATV?



reat piece of software!!!

Works fine with DVD images and EyeTV files when I upload them on ATV or put them on a USB stick or USB HD directly connected to ATV.
When I stream them from my iMac the video is shuttering as described above. Streaming AVI Files (Divx/MP3) and other formats works fine.

Thought my LAN might be t0o slow but I can stream iTunes store HD videos w/o problem resp. videos from my iTunes library on my iMac.

Don’t fine the option to increase cache.

The possibility to stream is exactly the reason why I bought the software.
Hope there is a solution.

After having read some of guardianmax’s posts I did:

  • check everything for updates → ok
  • re-ran smart installer
  • re-started ATV by powering an/off
  • toggled Apple H.264
  • played around with H.264 HP loop filter settings (whatever this might be)
    → no success, still shuttering

Than I played around with Mplayer’s cache time increasing from 2min to 15min, that influenced the time, when the shuttering started, as longer the cache time as later the shuttering starts (max after 60 sec with 15min cache time).
When I stopped playback during shuttering, waited 1-2 min before re-starting playback, it run well for another 60 sec and shuttering started again.
So I think it has anything to do with Mplayer’s caching.

Does anybody know if caching can be influenced by setting Mplayer options?

Thanks for your support.

Do you know the resolution/bitrate of your files?