Stuttering Video..

Hi my setup…

Apple TV with v3.01, ATV Flash v4.06, Buffalo Linkstation NAS, connected wireless via a Linksys Wireless N router to Apple TV

All setup is great, I have all my videos on my NAS, and setup the share on my Apple TV fine. However I have 2 problems…

  1. on my share it takes sometimes 20-30 secs to see my movie list which is long (150+ movies)

  2. when I play a movie avi, every 30-60secs the movie stutters/jumps/pauses. The stutter is prob less than 1/2sec but is annoying watching a video.

Now I know people are going to say dont use wireless use wired instead, but I dont really want to and everything else works fine. The NAS is not being written/read from apart form the Apple TV at the time. Its not just 1 movie but every one watched so far. I have full wireless signal on my Apple TV. YouTube works, iTunes store works etc. What can the problem be? how can I fix it please, this is spoiling my enjoyment of my Apple TV.

The more movies you have in a folder, the longer it will take that folder to load. A folder with 10 movies will load quicker than one with 100. This will be further magnified when using wifi.

What type of file are you playing when the issue occurs?

its an avi, I know it can contain a lot of different things, but think its DivX or Xvid, about 800Mb size on average.

So do you think I should split the folders u even more then? at the moment I have TV Shows, Movies, Kids, shall I split these up to sub folders again? if so in alphabet or what do you recommend? it just its easier to see the movies in a long list, otherwise have to keep going in/out of folders. sometimes the kids dont know what movie to watch so just go through the list, this will be a bit cumbersome with a lot of folders/sub folders

The stuttering is making the Apple TV unwatchable really, its noticeable and annoying. it did used to do that when streaming wirelessly with Apple TV encoded formats before ATV was installed. any help you can give me please


You may try placing one of the files on the AppleTV internal drive to determine if it’s a network issue.

You may also try toggling the ‘Apple H.264’ option through the Maintenance → Settings menu.

Ok I will see what it plays like on the actual drive, how do I put them on using ATV Flash?

Also when you say toggle, do you men if its on, put it off and vice versa, or do you mean just toggle it whatever it is on to opposite and back?


You can use FTP or SSH/SCP/SFTP.


You can use FTP or SSH/SCP/SFTP.

There’s 2 questions in there so a yep is no good!! Toggle it to off, or toggle it off back to on?

Ok the exact same film on the same NAS, I’ve just opened it in XBMC on my Apple TV and th stuttering is not there!! This means it’s a nito TV issue. I didn’t copy it to the Apple TV internal HDD it’s still streaming from my NAS, so nito TV is the problem.

Any ideas on a fix or should I just uninstall nito TV of that’s possible? It’s no good if it can’t play video without stuttering


Just toggle it whatever it is on to opposite and back.

But you probably want it to be on.

Watched another movie all the way through. Used nito TV got stuttering all the time, played it in XBMC worked flawlessly. It’s a nito TV problem.


I, too am getting stuttering video: every few seconds, it will freeze for about 1/2 a second, then continue.
Changing the MPlayer buffer size seems to alter the frequency of the stutter, but not remove it at all.

This is when viewing an avi on a networked Mac Mini.

No stuttering on a local avi.

I don’t want to use XMBC - I tried it previously and was getting shearing video effects, but I suppose that’s less annoying than the stutter!


guys - I have the exact same issue with my NAS.

I mount using smb - over wifi or LAN - it stutters as you report.
I was told to use nfs instead of smb BUT - i get errors - as sooo many people report.

nitoTV is a good player… nfs appears to be supported by nitoTV… BUT seems like it is VERY hard to make work.

You can see my other recent posts to do with this but seems there is no one what can resolve it :-(. Until i can - i need to read from USB which kind of kills the dream of a central media server for the house.

Any gurus out there???



Did you do a proper install?

yes- all reinstalled correctly each time I update.
bit disappointing with this one. SMB mount works… with Stutter… NFS… well this simply does not work :frowning:

Calling all guru’s… NFS working help please…



What type of files are you attempting to stream? Do these files play normally when copied to the AppleTV internal drive?

If you’re streaming raw DVD files a wired ethernet connection should be used.

yes they are fine when played on either aTV drive or USB drive

Files are your typical avi types of varying sizes but mostly movie length

thx again.

Well, if they play fine from a HD, it would seem to me that your issue is that your wireless connection or transfer rate is too slow to keep up with the streaming.

the interesting thing was using the basic media player ‘Files’ - streaming was ok.
I recently upgrated to latest version of aTVFlash after reading about improved streaming. Still stuttering with Nito over 5Ghz [Airport Extream]

BTW… we lost ‘Files’ media player with this update - will see if there is an option to add it.

Will try with cable tonight but… :frowning:

Br Mjr

Hi all,

Well… i tried with LAN cable BUT… alas - same stuttering :frowning:

I use a WD HD media box - no issues over wifi. I use a xTreamer media player over wifi… no issues. [both at same time btw] same with any other PC i am running [ubuntu, W7, Mac] - all no issues.

but dear old nito… stutters.

Please help with suggestions. this is latest version - with improved streaming…
Can i increase a cache size? there MUST be a solution as streaming over wifi is not a common requirement by users?

Note also… setting up network really should be easier.

Note also i am talking between aTV > Apple Airport exreame [@ 5mhz] > NAS [LAN]

Where did ‘File’ media player go with this version?

Lastly… is there a version on VLC player for aTV… now that WOULD rock. [think also the numerious streaming TV options on the web…

Thx all.

ok… there is a cache setting - default it 2 mins… i up’t it to 6 and wow… the stutter is gone… so easy…

VLC… any one?

Hope this helps as it seems to be an issue for many



Where is this cache setting? In Nito or Maintenance?