Stuttering Video (x265) when AirPlaying


  1. Unlike using AirPlay for x264 files from the app, x265 AirPlay only works when screen mirroring is enabled. This makes the iPad useless for other tasks while watching a movie.

  2. And even if I am using screen mirroring to AirPlay x265 videos onto my Apple TV, the video stutters quite a bit.

I’m using Infuse Pro 5 and have non 4K Apple TV.

Any help to counter the above 2 issues would be greatly appreciated.


We’re looking into options for enabling native AirPlay for h.265 videos, though it’s possible this may only be available when streaming to an Apple TV 4K.


Thanks for your quick reply, James.

I hope you’re able to enable native AirPlay for x265 on Apple TV 4. I bought an Apple TV only for Infuse! Streaming it via a MacBook on the TV works flawlessly. :slight_smile:

It’s an outstanding app with a mind blowing interface. Keep up the great work, team!


Is this problem solved yet? I have a movie in H.265 offline/synced to my iPhone X with iOS 12.2 and I am trying to AirPlay it to my Apple TV 4K, also with the latest tvOS software. When choosing my ATV in the list over available AirPlay devices on my iPhone, it will only playback the sound on my TV, while continuing to show the movie on the iPhone. When mirroring instead, it will indeed show both video and sound on the ATV, BUT now it stutters (as in the case with ananbanka above).

Could you please help me out?



Hi again,

I completely forgot to mention that this problem already used to occur when using Infuse 5 on my iPhone, but it still occurs when using Infuse 6 as of today.