Stuttering Video RESOLVED

Hi everyone,

for those of you experiencing the intermittent problems regarding stuttering video when using USB drives or mounted network drives, it seems that a really simple fix has resolved all stuttering and playback issues:

Go to [color=#FF0000]Nito TV[/color]>>[color=#FF0000]Settings[/color]>>[color=#FF0000]Mplayer Settings[/color]>>[color=#FF0000]increase cache to 6 to 8 MB[/color]

this absolutely solved the problem in my case.
Hope it helps.

Great. What type of files were you having issues with?

There is no option in my MPlayer to increase the cache from 6 to 8mb. There is a toggle that allows me to change the “minutes”, but even if I increase this to various settings, it does not change the stuttering of the playback.

What type of files are you having issues with?

I too am having the same problem, there is no cache to change and I am having problems with MP4 files. I have also uninstalled/reinstalled Perian. Please help as this worked fine last week!

You may try disabling the ‘Apple H.264’ option located in Maintenance → Settings. This will improve the playback of many MP4 files.

Great pice of software!!!

Works fine with DVD images and EyeTV files when I upload them on ATV or put them on a USB stick or USB HD directly connected to ATV.
When I stream them from my iMac the video is shuttering as described above. Streaming AVI Files (Divx/MP3) and other formats works fine.

Thought my LAN might be to slow but I can stream iTunes store HD videos w/o problem resp. videos from my iTunes library on my iMac.

Don’t fine the option to increase cache.

The possibility to stream is exactly the reason why I bought the software.
Hope there is a solution.