Stuttering video playback on Apple TV 4th gen with 4K video

Hello, I recently downloaded infuse on my Apple TV. I have it connected to the library on my Plex server. Whenever I play any 4K video, it stutters and goes very slow. Regular HD videos are fine though. I have it hardwired to the network as well. What can I do to fix this?


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First, the gen 4 ATV is a bit strapped to play 4K video especially if it’s compressed 265. Second, are you connected via a Plex share or are you using SMB to connect to the files on the server that also hosts Plex?

Thank your for replying. I will try with my 4K version, but that is in another room. In the meantime, how would I find that out? Sorry, I am new. If it answers the question, the files are on my HTPC in my basement. I installed the Plex server on that computer, the HTPC. Then downloaded infuse on my app,e tv and added the library through the app.

No need to apologize, we all start out new! :wink: I don’t run plex but when you were setting it up did you just select the HTPC from a list of "available shares " or did you select a “Connect To Plex” option?

Either way I’m guessing the ATV gen 4 just doesn’t have the horse power to do 4K.

I figured I would try Apple TV 4K before I wasted anymore time, and it seems to work. Which is great. Thank you.

I do have another quick question though. For audio it says PCM on my receiver. How do I get it to say Dolby or DTS? I know the file has both formats.


You won’t. Apple does all the conversion and outputs as PCM. It’s bit for bit identical to the original source.

Glad it’s working for you on the ATV 4K.

As to the audio, PCM also known as LPCM is going to give you the same audio as if the receiver decoded it.

Here’s a good Users Guide that explains a lot about Infuse and audio on the ATV. Audio Options (tvOS) – Firecore Support

Sounds good. Thanks guys.

Not all D/A conversion is alike. There can be quite a difference. Not that it matters much on the appletv since apple always decodes audio to insert siri.

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