Stuttering video even after crystal HD card

I recently updated the Crystal HD card, followed all installations properly and now while video has improved from not playing at all to playing but stutters when any fast motion happens. How do I optimize the settings so this will go away? My set up is WD my book world into a airport extreme. ATV wired to extreme. I would prefer to stream everything and not use files locally. The ATV is a 40g. Content is primarily 720p mkv files. I’ve read about a cache setting and upping the default but I can’t find the setting. All help would be appreciated.

Also curious on the fix for this. 

What are you trying to playback, .m2ts bluray or downscaled mp4 or mkv video. For Bluray iso and m2ts forgot about it, OS X doesn’t have the power to play smoothly except if you install linux on your ATV1. For Mp4 and MKV under 12 GB, it plays just fine using Ethernet , 5GHz wireless or Powerline. Using 802.11n 2.4Ghz is another game…

Having also recently installed a Crystal HD chip, I can provide this feedback:

  • With a 720p MKV (Top Gear 15x07 :) I get massive stuttering in XBMC, but if I exit XBMC and re-enter it everything is completely smooth.  Can you try that to see if it helps?
  • I haven't played with .m2ts yet to see what I can do there, but I'm not confident.  That's a LOT of CPU power required and the Apple TV simply might not be able to keep up!

Hi, i’m interested to klearn if there has been any developments on this. Can Apple TV 1 with crstal hd card play 720p MKV files in all circumstances?