Stuttering Playback

Hi all,

Apologies, I’ve read other posts on this issue but couldn’t find a solution to my problem.
I have Infuse installed on my Apple TV 4K and am connecting to my Plex library/share.

Files are hosted on a Synology NAS (918+).

Playback is juddery which is particularly noticeable in panning scenes and it’s driving me mad - frames will skip every 5 seconds or so. Plex playback doesn’t have this issue.

An additional frustration is the representation of blacks. I’m using a Sony OLED unit - blacks through Plex look great, through Infuse they’re much lighter and significantly less smooth in the gradients.

I regularly use subtitles. When playing through Plex this means transcoding and sometimes stop-and-start playback so I usually change to Infuse but encounter the problems above (with and without subs).

Any help much appreciated.


Welcome to the forum!

Can you check to ensure the Match Content options are enabled on your Apple TV as described here?

We recommend keeping both options enabled, as this will allow Infuse to adjust the video output to match the content being played.

From initial tests that seems to have sorted the problem, thanks a ton!
Will post again if it recurs.

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