Stuttering playback on TV blu-ray rips

I have just ripped my complete collection of Doctor Who blu-rays (Series 5-9) using MakeMKV and while some files play back okay, I am getting persistently choppy playback watching many of the episodes. The audio is fine, but the picture keeps freezing and skipping. Sometimes it will play fine for a while, then the choppiness returns.

Watching other 1080p material, e.g. movies ripped from blu-rays, this has never been a problem before.

I am streaming from a WDMyCloud NAS via Ethernet to a 4th gen Apple TV. Connecting via UPnP or SMB hasn’t made a difference, nor has changing the frame rate in the Apple TV settings.

Any other ideas?



One possibly is these videos are encoded at 25fps, and your Apple TV is set to output 60Hz. A quick thing you can try is to change the output to 50Hz in Settings > Audio & Video > TV Resolution to see if this makes any difference.

As I think I said in my original post, I’ve already tried that and it made no difference.

Ok, if you have a chance to send in a report from your Apple TV we’d love to look into this further.

Thanks, I have now sent you two (very large) MKV files.

Did you also send in a report from your ATV right after experiencing this issue? That will help to see what’s happening on your end.

I did, yes.



Any help with this?

This is on our radar to look into, though this week we are working to finish up 5.5. Among other things, this includes a variety of minor improvements and fixes which could potentially help with the issue you have been seeing.

With any luck we’ll have 5.5 out next week, so please keep an eye out for updates.