Stuttering: Iphone 8 HEVC 4K 60FPS on Apple TV 4K with Infuse Pro

Hello to all :wink:

I have some Problems playing 4K 60fps Videos on Apple TV 4K with Infuse Pro 5. Videos made by IPhone 8plus.

They are always stuttering while playing.

4K 30fps are playing well!

What can i do? :frowning:

THX for your help.

Hmm, sorry about that. If you have a chance to send in a sample we can test here it would help us track down what’s going on here.

Samples can be uploaded here.

@ James

Thx for your anwswer :wink:

So in Apple TV 4K I changed from 4K 60mhz HDR to >> 4K 60mhz SDR and now it works nice!

I Think it’s because my Samsung TV only has a 8 Bit panel…so HDR doesn’t work well :frowning: but in the settings, Apple TV say’s HDR should be work…

Hmm, it’s strange it let you switch to HDR with only an 8-bit panel connected.

Glad you got it sorted out though. :slight_smile: