Stuttering in certain 24fps AVC videos despite MFR on

I am using an Apple TV 4K 3rd Gen (2022) with Infuse 7.6.7 and an LG OLED C2. I’m using Plex on a Synology Server as my Backend. In certain files, I have observed irregular stuttering. This mostly occurs in AVC encoded streams but not in HEVC. I have set Match Frame Rate to on or off in the Apple TV, but it makes no difference. The problem can be reproduced very well with the following 24fps Judder Test from Kodi:

Interestingly, the video plays without any issues via the Apple TV Plex App as well as the native WebOS Plex App. It seems to me that this is a problem with Infuse. I have generated a Diagnostic Log for Infuse Support: RWGTB. I’m wondering if maybe somebody else is also experiencing this issue.

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