Stuttering and freezing Infuse pro 4.6 and 5.2

Hi there
hoping someone has a suggestion. certain files (MKV) will not stream properly. they freeze and/or stutter and/or the audio desyncs from the video. this started suddenly. at first thought it may be the files themselves. but when i play them on my home computer (macbook pro where they are stored) they work fine. i have a latest generation apple tv and am running el capitan. other files (mp4, AVI) seem to be no problem. it’s just certain mov files. not even all of them. others seem to work fine. i have infuse pro 4.6 and i just purchased 5.2 thinking it might have something to do with getting an update. but the same thing happens on 5.2

any suggestions would be appreciated…


Hmm, what type of files are these?

Any chance you’d be able to send in a sample we can review here?

they are mkv files, matroska …they are downloaded TV episodes. i thought they were corrupted possibly not a good DL, but they play alright on my computer. it’s only when streaming them that they freeze etc…is there some setting in infusion that perhaps i need to adjust? streaming rate etc?
they’re big files to upload…

1080p, HEVC and x265 files? They will not play well.

interesting…these were 1080p files as a matter of fact…is that a problem with infusion? or should i concentrate on another format? mp4 and avi files seem fine…as do other 1080p files…

It is not 1080p as such that is the problem, works perfectly with a 264 encoding.
It is the combo 1080p and 265/HEVC that normally is the issue.
If you don’t know how yr file is encoded you can use mediainfo. But normally it is mentioned in the file name.
There are a number of threads on this, the latest HEVC playback issues on Infuse 5 & Apple TV 4


I’m also having stuttering issues with HEVC