Stutter when playing mkv from ipad to chromecast


When streaming a mkv file (about 10 gig movie) from iPad (v4) to Chromecast infuse instanty tells me that this combination might cause stuttering, and unfortunately it does (a lot). Is this something you are working on to solve with an update, or is it just that the Chromecast is not fast enough to handle this? If so, will the new Chromecast handle this without stutter?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Edit: to be more exact: I am playing the file from my Synology → SMB to the iPad → to Chromecast

It’s probably an issue with the Chromecast itself, as they have somewhat limited processing power.

You might have better luck with a gen 2 Chromecast, or perhaps a Nexus Player - both have a little more zip.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m not sure it’s all performance since I have been able to play similar quality mkv’s with other software. That software however seems to have a lot more trouble with certain subtitles and sound decoding. Anyway, I hope someone can tell me if performance is better with the new chromecast.