Stutter on ATV

Occasionally I see a few frames missing causing stutter.

I use Atv 4k streaming from a Synology NAS. Files can be various formats. If I rewind and watch a scene again, there is no stutter.

It happens even when nitrates are lower than 20-30M that atv easily handles.

Are you watching with subtitles? I have this issue and it’s related to subtitles. No subtitles and the issue is gone.

I am most definitely watching with subtitles.

I will give it a try to turn them off and see if the problem persists.

Great. Let me know if it makes a difference.

I definitely see less of this.

BTW, I also noticed small hiccups recently with Netflix as well. I’m particularly sensitive to missed frames. I’m starting to think this might be a bug or an issue with AppleTV itself.

I have literally never seen this problem outside of Infuse.

Netflix has a lot of videos running at 24.000 fps and the Apple TV doesn’t support that, it only supports 23.976 fps. So when played back on the Apple TV, these videos will stutter like every 40 seconds or so. I don’t remember the exact number of seconds (and I can’t do the math) but there’s lots of info about this issue both on these forums and others. This thread is a good start:

Holy crap, that makes total sense. It’s very specific to content.

That’s nuts.

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So to clarify; the 24.000 fps related stutter affects all apps, including Infuse. It’s just that Netflix is especially affected due to most Netflix original programming being shot at 24.000 fps. The industry standard is still 23.976 fps though, so most, but not all, material outside of Netflix, both movies and TV shows, are not affected by the Apple TVs lack of support for 24.000 fps.

The more random stutter that I’m talking about is somehow related to the way that Infuse handles subtitles. It is much less apparent since the last Infuse update, but it’s still there I’m afraid.

Just like you, I’m very sensitive to frame skips and I never see them when watching without subtitles, or when watching Blu-ray rips with embedded “Blu-ray type” subtitles.

This seems to only affect WEB-DLs with embedded subtitles and content being watched with subtitles downloaded using the built in Open Subtitles function or loaded externally.

Same here again, this used to be an issue before, also related to subtitles.

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