Stutter/Judder since tvOS 13

I have two Apple TV4 units. Also running Infuse v6 (up to date).

Since upgrading those units to tvOS 13 I’m now plagued with what I can only describe as a stutter/judder on my video files every 15 seconds or so. It the. Seems to stop after around 10 minutes. I tend to only have HEVC files. Never had this issue before.

I have Match Framerate on in the main settings and usually all is as smooth as I can ask for.

One thing that struck me as odd and is why I think something is wrong with Infuse 6 on tvOS 13 is that I downloaded infuse 5 and the same files show no stutter/judder at all.

Any ideas?

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Noticed the same thing. Experience a judder every now and than with infuse, but also netflix. Think it is apple that changed something.

I’ve seen it as well. Apple did something with their buffering or their networking stack. I’ve noticed issues with DC Universe. Hopefully Apple fixes it in the next update.

I agree with you all - and yet when I downloaded Infuse 5 Pro onto the same AppleTV4 units there is literally no stutter/judder at all?

It seems to be Infuse 6 Pro only for me.

I was wondering if it’s the background indexing causing it.

Same here, even on H264 so it’s not software rendering.
FWIW this is on an Apple TV 4K.

Edit: I’m having the same problem with Plex, and it’s also reported here: TVOS BETA 13 6-> (constant lag / microstutter remux 4k) - MrMC

Ok, so I have no more stuttering when I switch my ATV 4K to output 1080p (HDR).
Not ideal since I have a 4K tv, but at least you have one more clue to reproduce. ?

Edit: ok I also have no judder anymore when I switch to 4K 60fps. ? I can reproduce this every time. It’s very noticable with panning scenes. Like the final eposide of I-Land at 35:10.

Can you confirm you are running the latest 6.1.8 update of Infuse (scroll to bottom of Infuse > Settings to check).

Also, we’ve see a few cases where Match Content can become disabled after installing tvOS updates, so you may check to ensure both options are still on, as described here. About frame rate and dynamic range matching on Apple TV - Apple Support

If after checking both those the issue persists, please drop us a quick note from your device the next time the issue is observed, and we can take a deeper look into what’s going on.

I have had issues with 4K HEVC movies which played fine before the TVOs update today now stuttering and stalling. I sent in a diagnostic report just now. Both Match Content options were turned on as well. I am running the latest version of Infuse 6 Pro.

Just covering bases, are you running 6.1.7 or 6.1.8 Infuse? 6.1.8 was just released and may not have made it to all the update servers yet.

I am running 6.1.8 Infuse.

And one other thing did you send the code in an email referencing this thread for James? Or you can post it here so he can keep issues and reports together.

I sent him a seperate email describing the issue and included the code with that email.

Yes I was also running 6.1.8.
And I think the Match Content is exactly what is the issue here.
Now I tried with setting the Apple TV to 4K 50 fps (which was stuttering before) but both options under Match Content enabled (they were off like you said): et voila, no more stuttering, at least for me. :slight_smile:

To me, the stutter issue happens on Apple’s screensavers after a little while, without any other app running in the background. So this might be a tvOS issue.

I had turned Match Content back on again before I submitted the ticket. In my case it did nothing. There was no improvement whatsoever in the stuttering issue.

Same here and I’m still running 5.9.6. I noticed this only happen with 4K HDR. 1080P contents seems not affected.

FYI, the 6.1.7 update includes a few fixes which are specific to tvOS 13, so you may give this a try and see if things are better for you.

tvOS 13.2 beta is out. Any brave soul to test it and see if there are improvements? ? (I’ve been unable to install it myself)

Just installed the latest beta from 10 October. No difference here. Still occasional judder.

I think this stuttering is not Apple-related, because VLC, for example, plays my files with no problems.