Stutter and glitchy playback 3rd Gen 64GB iPad iOS 8


I installed Infuse and upgraded to Infuse Pro from the app store earlier today on my 3rd generation iPad specifically so I could playback SD and HD files encoded with Dolby Digital (AC3) audio. The video stutters every few seconds when playing back HD files, either served up by Twonky from my QNAP NAS or downloaded and played locally. The same files when played by other apps that can’t decode AC3 on the iPad (e.g Twonky Beam) , playback perfectly smoothly (albeit without audio! :)).

Not a great experience for a first time user. I am very disappointed. At the moment I feel as if I’ve wasted my money, and would have been better off re-encoding my files with AAC audio, as the glitchy playback is not acceptable.

Is there anything I can do to improve playback? Is this a recognised problem?

I am running the latest iOS 8 and only just Installed Infuse Pro, so I assume that’s the latest version too.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

Hmm, is this happening with all files or just a few?

Are you running the latest 3.3.1 version? This included a number of performance related improvements, which may help.

Thanks for quick response.

I installed on Saturday so this should be the latest version. Anyway, the reported version of Infuse is 3.3.1 and I’m on iOS 8.3. The files are encoded as H.264 MPEG-4 part 10, 1440x1080@25fps. Similarly encoded SD files at 720x576@25fps playback ok.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ok, those files should be working just fine.

If you have a second would you mind sending in an email from the Infuse app?

Doing this will email some diagnostic logs, and open a support ticket for you in our system.

Thanks James. Email sent.