Stupid question: what am I streaming through when using my PC for Infuse?

Apologies for the (likely) idiotic question but when I am signing in to “share” my computer with Infuse, am I using my Apple TV sign-in details or my Wifi router?


Also, do I need Firecore to stream to my TV from my computer?? I removed that ages ago because it caused too many problems.

I think I am a bit confused as to how Infuse is allowing me to stream direct from my PC library.



This is what I want to know as well

No worries, it’s actually a valid question. :slight_smile:

The login detials entered into Infuse will those used to access your PC, or device you are attempting to stream from.

Full details on setting up streaming can be found here.


Got it.

So you basically stream directly to your Ipad and then just Airplay mirror that to your Apple TV?

Whats the advantage of doing this if one already has ATV Flash?


Or, can you stream directly to your ApplTV using Infuse?


Thanks again.

Well some formats will require mirroring, but many can actually be sent over native AirPlay.

If you already have aTV Flash installed, the benefit is a little less dramatic, but if you have an ATV3 the value add is pretty big.

Could you list which file fomats work natively and which require mirroring?  I may have to do some file conversions to improve airplay performance.

Sure. In short, any file that contains an h.264 video can be streamed over native AirPlay. This usually includes MKV, MP4, AVI, M4V, MOV and a few others.

Mirroring is usually only required for formats like WMV.