Stupid Pogoplug Causing DVD Playback Problems

So I have a Pogoplug and a hard drive full of DVD rips, which I brought around to my friends house where he has an ATV2 enhanced with aTV Flash (Black). We set up a NAS and tried to play some movies.

For some reason, none of the DVD folders were being recognized as DVDs, so instead of just clicking the movie name to play, it would browse the folder and present me with all the .VOB files. These would play, but not widescreen, and I’d get no menus and stuff.

Here’s the thing. For some reason, even though the folders and files are correctly named on the drive, when the PogoPlug presents them over the network, all of the folder and file names were being automatically converted to lowercase. After some experimentation I discovered that it only affects FAT32 drives, and it only converts names that are entirely uppercase. (eg. VIDEO_TS and all the files contained within)

I totally understand that this is a PogoPlug bug. However they have terrible support over there, and they rarely fix these things. I guess I was wondering if it’s possible to look into taking the case-dependence out of the code that determines if a folder contains a DVD rip. Obviously I would only want this if it’s an easy change and doesn’t break other things in the process, but it’s just one of those things that would make my life a whole lot easier.