Stuiped questions, I know but...

Can I mount a USB drive formatted in NTFS on my ATV? I also cannot get DVD ISO’s to run in NitoTV. I put them in a folder on my ATV under movies/DVD. But Nito won’t play them. This is the primary reason to purchase this software.

Also, can I use a Windows based PC keyboard. I’m guessing not since the 2 I’ve tried have not worked. The forums are great for Mac folks but us PC guys are somewhat lost. (whooda thought?)

Yes, I installed all the appropriate programs that I am aware of.

Thanks for the help.

Hi there!
Little info on what you really did :slight_smile:

For usb-support, I guess you have run smart installer with the combo update in your documents folder (errors in the log?), enabling DVD playback via Framework as opposed to mPlayer, too. For ISO-Playback it seems to be necessary to have the recovery.dmg there, too. Although, folder playback is far more reliable. Try to play out of a video_ts folder to narrow it down.

NitoTV Version is 0.65 or 0.70? 0.65 may be more stable. back rolling from 0.70 to 0.65 tends to crash usb-support for good (on my atv), better start from scratch.

I have one ntfs-drive which is working fine. So it´s not a general problem. Have you tried hot unplugging and replugging?


my logitech keyboard works, but I really don´t need it :slight_smile:

First…thanks for your help…

Yes, I ran the smart installer. What is the Combo update? Is that included in the smart installer? What is the recovery.dmg? I didn’t do that. I’ll try NitoTV .65 as well as folder playback. Can I just leave the folders for each DVD in the root of the external drive or do they need to have some type of file\folder structure?

I’ll try a logitech keyboard. Any things other than running Smart Installer needed for it?

Next we’ll work on trying to setup a drive on my PC to be shared over the network to ATV. That is mostly what I need the keyboard for.

Thanks for the quick response…Todd

The Combo updater is “MacOSXUpdCombo10.4.9Intel.dmg”. I really don´t know, whether this is downloaded on the fly in newer versions of nitoTV. “In the old days :-)” you had to place it manually (via ftp or ssh) in the frontrow/documents folder.

first thing for you to do should be to look for that file in mentioned folder. without that there is no dvd playback! If it´s missing, get it from apple (link is almost certain in the knowledgebase) and run the smart installer once more. this also enables usb support.

recovery.dmg is discussed in many other threads. it´s basically part of the 1.0 firmware of the atv and not openly distributed. if present it enables afp via smart installer which is pretty cool :smiley: also it is known to help playing .iso files but there aren´t much infos about that. so you can go without it for playing video_ts folders. ~/movies/“movie-name”/video_ts or “usb-root”/“movie-name”/video_ts should do it.

What version of nito was installed with patchstick? I guess 0.65. If you updated to 0.70 you may be in trouble. I had to reset the atv and patch it again. If you have not updated to 0.70 leave it that way until you got the other things working. Keyboard should be working after smart installer with combo (thus turning usb support on).

Important: I was wrong with me having a ntfs drive up and running. it is fat32. i would recommend hfs+ but then again you are in the windows world.