stuck trying to jailbreak

just bought an apple TV today and was trying to set it up for XBMC
i am using windows 7 to try and set this up
followed all the steps using seas0npass once it gets to the part that im putting the USB cable in, is ware i have an issue

initially i did it with no power cable or HDMI as the page i was following said
doing it this way nothing would light up on my ATV2

I tried doing it with the power cable plugged in and then unplugging it as soon as DFU mode was set
the ATV2 powered off and seas0npass was just sitting there waiting for an update to happen that would not progress

then i tried doing it with the power cable plugged in the whole time
once DFU mode sets itunes appears to be starting an update but then for a split second there is an error message and then it disappears from my screen
i have been unable to read the error or catch a screenshot so i have no idea what error it is
at this time seas0npass will tell me that it worked
however after testing the ATV2 it is not jailbroken

i have no other apple devices connected, and my itunes is the newest version
i have tried with the cable that came with my logitech harmony, and one from a blackberry and neither is working
Hopefully i can get a quick reply

If you have just bought an ATV then I would think there is a good chance it is an ATV3 (see my sig for the difference). If so, there is currently no jailbreak for the ATV3.

ah balls

i didnt even know there was an ATV3

according to apples official training there’s only 2 kinds, the old ones and the new smaller black ones that do high def

just another reason to hate apple :stuck_out_tongue:

guess ill go return it and try and find a ATV2

Good luck with finding an ATV2, you’ll need it.

In Australia, they sell on eBay for $200+ (it’s getting a bit ridiculous now, we need a jailbreak for the ATV3).

Yeah its seeming that way.
Local sellers seem to be charging between $200 and $300
Hopeefully i can find one for under that kuz i need 2 and only have $300 to spare lol
Oh well ill keep my fingers crossed for a ATV3 jailbreak.